What are the revolutions in the digital signage in touch screen technology

What is meant by digital signage?


The digital signage is also known as dynamic smartglass Malaysia digital signage or multimedia digital signage. It is one of the advertising formats which is based on the delivery of the digital content via the devices like screens, projectors, totems, and touch panels. These devices are located at the point of public places and it allows the company to create, manage, publish, and distribute its own content.


What are the revolutions of the digital signage in stores?

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  • In the store the product images and videos showing the new products and offerings for the customers.
  • The inspirational videos which showing to the people using the product and interacting with the brands.
  • It is used in the retail store marketing to attract the more customers to the store.
  • Offers aligned with the time of day or week or the profile of the customer is interacting with the videos and images in PDLC Smart Glass multimedia display in retail/front store. Way finding and information screens in-store will increase the customer experience in the locations like hospitals and airports.
  • Real-time screen based information, alerts, and news in the college buildings and high traffic location.

These are the revolution of digital signage in touch screen technology.


What are the types of the digital signage?


Depending upon the location there are two types of digital signage are there. They are given by,

  • Outdoor digital signage
  • Indoor digital signage


The outdoor digital signage ads are generally located in the public places with a great influx of passage. Other popular locations such as bus stations, gas stations, even the subway and city access points. The launching of outdoor digital signage is quite a large expense. But it will help to get awareness and great visibility from the customers.

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The indoor digital signage has the more options than the outdoor digital signage. It makes the closeness and contacts with the audience are prioritized through the smaller screens. The expensive very of the indoor digital signage is less than the digital advertising.


The different types of the content in the digital signage are given by,

  • Customer reaction
  • Aligned team
  • Motivation of employees
  • Promotion and offers
  • Menu board
  • Pre-designed templates and own content
  • Entertainment and live television
  • Way finding and transport scheduling
  • Live camera


What are the advantages of the digital signage?

  • It will increase the brand recall and it is new and daring.
  • Take the advantages of synergies at the point of sale.
  • Get the consumer’s attention and it will improve the user experience at the point of sale.
  • It is interactive and allows for integrations with the social media networks and mobile devices.
  • The contents will be modified in the real-time and it will adapt to the different audiences and situations.

Finally, the success of the digital signage will depend upon a large extent on the proper planning. The main factor is a good choice of location.