Top 4 Things to Do When You Visit Oahu Island

Oahu Island

We don’t know the miracles of sunshine until we experience it. Oahu, a place where the ocean breeze eases your mind, body, and soul. Oahu is a piece of the Hawaiian Islands. Famous for the tropical fruits, beaches, and drinks, Oahu Island is a must in the bucket list of all wanderers. Island’s cultural capital recognized as the Honolulu, is again a famous and widely popular for its culture, beautiful sky, and an extraordinary place to shout out ‘I DO”. Apart from the beautiful turquoise beaches, the land is famous for its beautiful handmade postcards. With that in mind, we will be taking you on a literal trip to Oahu and its beauty in diversity. Without much ado, let us hit the post.

Kaka’ako Farmers Market

Kaka'ako Farmers Market

We may have come across a lot of quotations about fresh fruits and how they depict the patience of the person consuming or holding it. Since Hawaii is an island filled with small islands and is famous for its tropical fruits and drinks. Kaka’ako Farmers Market is one such place where you can find fresh fruits for a cheaper price.  You can obtain a variety of fruits ranging from dragon fruit, juicy lychee, or custardy soursop. Apart from daily fruits, you can also find some of the tasty and delicious exotic fruits as well in the famous market.

Roberta Oaks

Who wouldn’t want a tropical print shirt while returning from Hawaii? Roberta Oaks is the accurate place to visit if you want to try the modern as well as tropical shirts. You can find any shirts at Roberta Oaks that will suit your attire. You can find a range of tailored cuts, cuffed sleeves, and fresh prints in the store. Do not forget to try these from Roberta Oaks.

Waiola Shave Ice

It is normal to get all heated up if you spend too much time at the beach. To cool off the heat from the body and to minimize the sweating, visit and taste some Shave Ice from Waiola Shave Ice. You can get these shaved ice dipped in various flavors and syrups. It is surely a great experience consuming Waiola Shave Ice while sweating and heated all up.


Kailua Beach Adventures

The fourth one on the list is none other than Kailua Beach and all the adventurous sports that resides on this beach. You will surely face fear in front of your eyes. Rent a kayak and sail across about 2.5 miles and set out for an adventure.


Oahu is a great island equipped with a lot of amazing adventurous destinations and peak points. It is a pinnacle of entertainment and should be on your bucket list. If you ever wish to visit the island, make sure you visit those listed in the above post.